Missed a meeting?  How to do a make-up through the Rotary E-Club of SOWNY:

#1.  Go to our Homepage; Click on Library of Programs
#2.  Click on E-Club Video Recorded Presentations or TED TALKS or and Subject Heading of interest. Spend 30 minutes in our Library
#3.  Go back to Homepage; Click on Make-ups ; Click on Request Make-up Confirmation Form (follow instructions)
#4.  Go back to Homepage; Click on Donations; Make a Minimum Online Donation of $10 or more 

For this service of providing opportunities for make-ups, we use the honor system and trust that Rotarians using our site for make-ups will make a minimum $10 donation from our website to support the operating expenses of our website and programs.  The Four Way Test applies.

Thanks for visiting our website!