Membership Dues




Membership Dues in Rotary E-Club of SOWNY

When any Membership Application is submitted to Rotary International for a new member, it must be accompanied by pre-paid membership dues covering the balance of the Rotary year or paid on-line. The Rotary year runs July 1st through June 30th of the following year. 

We've worked to make this simple and cost effective for younger members all the way through to seniors.  We are a vibrant Rotary E-Club and there are other sources of revenue in place to cover operating expenses.  If the club is in a position where expenses exceed our revenues through online donations for instance, we can address this to the membership and request voluntary donations from our members.

Dues Summary:
These amounts may change from year to year.

For Rotary year 2017-2018, dues are $195 US or $238 Canadian.


Payment of Dues and Donations 

Payments for dues, donations and special events may be made through our website (US dollars through Paypal) or paid through Interac bank transfer to our CIBC (Canadian) bank account.  US E-Club members may also send a personal check to the US Club Treasurer for dues, donations, etc.  

This Rotary E-Club is Chartered in the US, although we are a bi-national club spanning District 7090 which is also a bi-national District  (Southern Ontario, Canada and Western New York State, US).  Website transactions are in US funds.  


Whom may I contact regarding Membership?

Brian Carmichael/ Club Membership Chair 
Angela Carter/ Current Club President - Rotary Year 2017-2018
Brian Carmichael/ Past Club President - Rotary Year 2015-2016 

Use the email links found on the HOMEPAGE.


The APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP is posted to the website

Please complete and forward as soon as possible so we can add you to our list of Members!



Costs for special events, meals at in-person Rotary Club meetings, training seminars, District events and RI’s International Convention are additional expenses paid separately by each Rotary E-Club member. 

The cost of joining our E-Club will average about one-third the cost of a traditional Rotary Club. 



Donations:  When a member donates a minimum of $1000 per year, they qualify to receive a Paul Harris Recognition Award which they can either keep or give to a person in the community or world as a token of appreciation for their 'Service Above Self' to humanity.  To receive a Paul Harris Recognition Award is the highest honor in Rotary around the world.